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A Little history of

Highgate road chapel

up, down and up again

Highgate Road Chapel was opened on the 1st of February 1877. It was built to serve the rapidly growing population around London. Kentish Town was expanding rapidly, in part because of the burgeoning railway industry. A local business man, James Coxeter, purchased the land for a chapel, formed a small committee and advertised for funds to build the chapel. The advertisement stated that the ‘locality is very insufficiently provided with places of worship ... the site is a most eligible and commanding one ... and the wants of the locality require a good edifice’.


The Chapel was built and the first minister appointed. The congregation worked to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the local area, with special meetings held for railway workers and policemen among others. The Chapel flourished, and established small mission halls to reach out to local areas. Missionaries were also commissioned and sent to countries throughout the world.

The First World War brought significant disruption to life at the Chapel, and the size of the congregation began to shrink. This trend continued until by 2000 the chapel was in a poor state with few members and buildings so dilapidated that they were largely unusable.


In 2001 the church made a bold decision to sell part of the site, and so raise funds to rebuild the old Sunday School Hall as a new chapel, and this building opened in April 2008. Since then, we have been seeking to rebuild the congregation and again take the good news of Jesus Christ to the area of Dartmouth Park.

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