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Our meetings

Sundays at HRC
Morning Service

Our Sunday morning service starts at 11am and normally lasts around 75 minutes. 


We meet to celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ and to pray and sing praises to God because of what He has done for us. We believe that the Bible is the word of God and that its central message is about Jesus and the good news of His kingdom. Therefore, hearing the good news of God clearly taught from the Bible in a contemporary way is really important to us and forms a central part of our gatherings.

We remember the Lord’s death and resurrection by partaking in the Lord’s Supper during the first Sunday morning service of each month.

For those with very young children we have a baby and toddler room next to the main meeting room. The room has audio relay of the service for the adults and toys for the children.

Refreshments are served after the morning service.


SunKids, for Primary school children, takes place immediately after our Sunday morning service. It takes place every Sunday except on the first Sunday of each month or during August.

Fellowship Lunch

We believe that the church is a family. Just as the earliest disciples of Jesus did, we like to enjoy fellowship around a ‘Bring and Share’ meal. We do this every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month.


afternoon study

Each Sunday afternoon (except the first Sunday of each month) following the lunch we have our Bible Study from 2:30-3:30pm. These studies are generally an opportunity to dig deeper into the sermon from the morning service and the passage it was based on. People are given the opportunity to share what impacted them from the sermon, and ask any questions they may have. We then spend time looking at related Bible passages and discussing the application of the sermon to our lives.


Prayer Meeting

Every other Wednesday we meet to pray at 8pm. We start off with a reading from the Bible which guides and instructs our prayers for that evening. We believe that the prayer meeting is a vital meeting in the life of the church.


Discipleship Nights

On the other Wednesday in a fortnight we have our Discipleship Night at 8pm, which is an evening for growing in our knowledge of the faith and our Christian discipleship together. We often discuss a chapter of a book we are reading together at this meeting or we sometimes do a DVD Bible study course together. These meetings are more participatory and interactive.

Sundays at HRC
Wednesdays at HRC
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